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Here are some books about golf fitness:

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Golf Fitness Training: Core to Score
By Christian Henning

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Paperback (274 pages)

Golf Fitness Training: Core to Score
List Price: $14.88*
Lowest New Price: $9.21*
Lowest Used Price: $9.21*
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Product Description:
If you’ve been playing golf for long, you know it’s true that… size doesn’t matter! You’ve seen puny punks blast drives deep down the middle and you’ve seen short, skinny fellows bomb their drives 300 yards or more. Hopefully you haven’t suffered the humiliation of being badly outdriven by some scrawny golfer that looks like he hasn’t eaten in a month! It used to happen to me on a regular basis…but not anymore! I got so sick and tired of being called a “short knocker” that I decided to do something about it. And after years of intense and exhaustive research, I finally discovered the simple secret to adding 30 yards (or more) to your drives faster than you ever imagined possible. I’ve distilled what it took me years to learn into this easy to follow book. And, I’m going to share what I learned so you can quickly and easily add distance to your tee shots and hit your drives L-O-N-G and straight. As it should be! In fact, you’ll add distance to every club in your bag. First I need to explain something: If you’re not bombing your drives deep down the middle of the fairway, attacking pins with short irons, and shoot the low scores you deserve to be shooting, it’s NOT your fault. You’ve been misled (just like I was) by golf instructors, equipment manufacturers, and the golf media who make this simple game sound as complicated at nuclear physics! Trust me, it’s not that difficult. It’s not in the golf industry’s best interests for you to know the truth. The longer they can keep you confused, frustrated, and on a constant search for solutions, the longer they can separate you from your hard-earned money buying more lessons, more gadgets, and more books and magazines. By now, I’m certain you’ve noticed that some of the longest bombers have some of the smallest frames. You’ll NEVER Guess How Many Short, Skinny Pros Hit their Drives Farther than BOTH Tiger Woods AND Phil Mickelson… Just look at the current PGA driving statistics (as of this writing) and you’ll discover a bunch of pint-sized golfers who absolutely pulverize their drives. People like: Ryan Palmer. He’s listed at just 5’ 11” and 175 pounds, yet he CRUSHES his drives an average of 302 yards. And he’s far from the only long bomber who’s under 6-feet tall and rail-thin. There’s also: 2-time Major champion Rory McIlroy (5’ 10” 160 lbs.) Average Drive: 299 yards Listed at 5’ 10” and 160 pounds, Rory McIlroy is not a very physically imposing figure…but the two time major champion’s 300-yard bombs off the tee can certainly be intimidating to opponents. You too can add 30-yards (or more) to your drives. The secret key to ULTIMATE Golf Distance? The key is your core – a collection of muscles and tendons between your thighs and your chest. Your core acts as an accelerator for your golf swing. A strong and flexible core allows you to: -accelerate through the golf swing -generate more clubhead speed -and add more distance to every club in your bag The key is not the latest golf technology dreamed up by a marketing department, the newest golf training gadgets invented to separate you from your money, or more expensive lessons from someone who couldn’t care less if you get any better. Don’t get me wrong. Technology, gadgets, and lessons all have their place and used properly they can help you improve your game, but none of them is the real key to adding distance and power. The real key is a strong, flexible core. Do you need PROOF? Who’s the best golfer of this generation? It’s Tiger Woods without a doubt, right? “For golfers, core strength is just as important as flexibility. Core muscles help control movement and transfer energy from the center of the body out to the limbs, which can obviously impact how well you strike the ball. My core training builds overall strength and flexibility and helps me maintain an ideal state of posture and symmetry.” – Tiger Woods You only need 30 minutes a few times a week to see results. Now... let's get started. Chris
The Flexible Golf Swing: A Cutting-Edge Guide to Improving Flexibility and Mastering Golf's True Fundamentals
By Roger Fredericks

Rodale Books
Released: 2014-04-01
Paperback (240 pages)

The Flexible Golf Swing: A Cutting-Edge Guide to Improving Flexibility and Mastering Golf s True Fundamentals
List Price: $21.99*
Lowest New Price: $7.99*
Lowest Used Price: $7.95*
Usually ships in 24 hours*
*(As of 18:40 Pacific 27 Aug 2015 More Info)

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Product Description:

For more than 400 years, the secret of the golf swing has been one of the most fascinating and frustrating mysteries known to mankind. Despite remarkable advances in golf club technology, golf instruction, and golf course conditioning, the average golfer's handicap hasn't changed in the past 30 years. Not coincidentally, the nation as a whole is becoming less healthy due to the sedentary lifestyle that is harming our bodies at an alarming rate. We are then taking our dysfunctional bodies to the golf course.

Roger Fredericks, a leading golf instructor and golf fitness pioneer who has worked with the likes of Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player, and Arnold Palmer, takes readers on a step-by-step journey to explain precisely why golfers have a hard time improving and more importantly, what to do about it. In The Flexible Golf Swing, he lays out his commonsense approach and explains in detail the true fundamentals of the golf swing, and precisely how the mechanics are merely symptoms of how a body functions.

Golf Fitness: Shed Pounds to Shave Strokes: Drive the Fat Out of Your Game for Lower Scores (Volume 1)
By Christian Henning

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Paperback (284 pages)

Golf Fitness: Shed Pounds to Shave Strokes: Drive the Fat Out of Your Game for Lower Scores (Volume 1)
List Price: $14.88*
Lowest New Price: $10.75*
Lowest Used Price: $8.73*
Usually ships in 24 hours*
*(As of 18:40 Pacific 27 Aug 2015 More Info)

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Product Description:
Can you really lose fat and lower your score at the same time?
Yes... but let me warn you, this is NOT for lazy people or those who are looking for a "magic bullet" solution.
Shed Pounds to Shave Strokes is NOT a "quick fix". It's a SMART Fat Loss fix backed by scientific research to provide maximum results in the least amount of time.
Oh, and did I mention that you'll probably add distance to ALL your clubs at the same time? That's unheard of. But the reality is I've had clients do it over and over again, and you will too. At the same time, I want to make sure I'm being very clear: make no mistake, this program takes work, and if you're one of these people who can't dedicate 90 days to radically changing your golf game and body - a change that you will be able to enjoy for the rest of your life - then please, do NOT invest in this book.
But for those of you who are serious, those who are ready to put forth the effort, the Shed Pounds to Shave Strokes program will absolutely give you every tool you need to immediately DOUBLE your rate of fat loss and experience the game improvement you deserve.
Does Shed Pounds to Shave Strokes really work? YES! I have designed a comprehensive 12-Week training program that combines balance, strength, endurance, power, flexibility and nutrition in a unique system that will provide immediate results. 
The workouts are structured around circuits of intense exercise that builds a foundation you will need to create a powerful golf swing. It is a total body workout that will help you lose weight, add muscle, and dramatically improve your overall endurance and conditioning. 
After trying Shed Pounds to Shave Strokes you'll understand why this program delivers results.
What exercise equipment will I need? The ONLY equipment required is a pair of dumbbells, stability ball, a medicine ball and a chair (kitchen chairs work fine). The dumbbells do not need to be heavy, I myself only use 20-40lb weight for these workouts. Hand weights or dumbbells can be purchased at any sports equipment retailer. I specifically designed this program to minimize required exercise equipment, which keeps the costs down and allows you to get started right away. The first 4-weeks uses bodyweight only, while the intermediate and advanced programs introduce dumbbells, stability ball, medicine ball, and the chair.
Who is Golf Fitness training for? Golf Fitness is for men or women looking to improve their golf game. Not only will you lose fat and increase your stamina on the course, you will also increase how far you hit your clubs. You will feel better, look better, and be less tired late in your golf round. This program is also an excellent sport conditioning program that will improve performance in other sports such as basketball, soccer, football, hockey, or tennis.The program was designed to accommodate everyone, regardless of their starting fitness level. 
The book offers clear instruction and includes a beginner program for those just starting and for those who are out of shape. As you progress through the first 4 Weeks you will notice you are becoming stronger and more fit. The program offers 3 full months of workouts and stretching guides.
I am not overweight. Can I still benefit from the program? Yes! The program is designed to increase your endurance, flexibility and increase strength. All of which will translate into better athletic performance on the course. 
Christian Henning, NASM-CPT, gfs
101 Ways to Increase Your Golf Power: Massively Increase Your Golf Swing Distance and Hit It Straighter and Farther Than Ever Before
By Doug Farrick

Released: 2015-05-19
Kindle Edition (148 pages)

101 Ways to Increase Your Golf Power: Massively Increase Your Golf Swing Distance and Hit It Straighter and Farther Than Ever Before
Product Description:

Learn How to Create a Powerful Golf Swing and Substantially Increase Your Distance

Want to hit the ball farther than you ever thought possible? I’m sure you have read many golf tips, watched YouTube Vids, even consulted with your local golf professional in your quest for more distance and power—but did it help? Are you achieving the results you deserve?

The Problem - Most of this Info is Scattered & Hard to Find

I mean, where can you find the best ideas, tips, videos, etc. for increasing golf power and distance? Who has the time?

Discover How Golf Power” Will Dramatically Improve your Game (and have more fun than ever!)

101 Ways to Increase Your Golf Power is a jam-packed resource of methods to dramatically produce a more powerful golf swing that results in; increased distance, solid ball-striking, more fairways and lower scores.

Includes: select golf drills, golf swing instruction, golf training aids, golf fitness, golf exercise equipment, golf mental game tips, golf equipment, golf visualizations, golf nutrition, even a chapter of fringe or “out there” techniques for increasing your golf power and distance. You’ll also Learn:

  • #5 The Secret to a Proper Release

  • #12 The Best Golf Drill Ever Invented

  • #29 Gain an Easy 25 Yards with this Unique Program

  • #36 Use This Powerful Visualization to Hit “Through” Not AT the ball

  • #45 The Most Powerful Golf Exercise You Can Do For Your Swing (works like magic!)

  • #59 Do This Stretch or Suffer a Serious “Power-Leak”

  • #70 A “Strange” Piece of Exercise Equipment to Increase Speed, Dexterity & Strength

  • #76 How This 1 Equipment Change Could Transform Your Game Off the Tee

  • #86 A Powerful Golf Nutrition Supplement to Prevent Excess Muscle Tension

  • #93 Use This Ancient Chinese Art to Develop “Qi” Power

  • Plus 91 other Cool Ideas for “Powering-up” your Golf Game!

Ready for more Power and Distance? Click the Buy Now button to get started today!

Complete Conditioning for Golf (Complete Conditioning for Sports Series)
By Pete Draovitch

The Booklegger
Paperback (208 pages)

Complete Conditioning for Golf (Complete Conditioning for Sports Series)
List Price: $24.95*
Lowest New Price: $5.01*
Lowest Used Price: $1.26*
Usually ships in 24 hours*
*(As of 18:40 Pacific 27 Aug 2015 More Info)

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  • ISBN13: 9780736067799
Product Description:

From the tee to the greens, improve all aspects of your game with Complete Conditioning for Golf, a book and DVD package that presents the programs the pros use.

Golfers at all levels benefit from golf-specific training. This expert program begins with evaluation and moves through targeted strength, power, core, and flexibility exercises. Pete Draovitch, personal trainer and physical therapist to PGA star Greg Norman, and Ralph Simpson, former physical therapist and trainer on the PGA Tour fitness van, have teamed up to create a comprehensive program to help you in these areas:

-Generate explosive power for increased driving distances.

-Improve flexibility for a more fluid and precise swing.

-Build muscular endurance for greater shot control through the final hole.

-Maintain strength and flexibility from round to round and throughout the year.

-Prevent common injuries.

-Return to the course quickly with modified rehab exercises.

In addition, the 90-minute DVD takes you onto the course and into the gym to demonstrate the drills and exercises used by the pros.

Complete Conditioning for Golf is simply the best guide to preparing your body for success on the links.

Golf Fitness for Seniors
By Susan Hill

Released: 2014-01-17
Kindle Edition (154 pages)

Golf Fitness for Seniors
Product Description:
Are you a senior looking for a golf fitness program catered specifically to you?

The Golf Fitness for Seniors Program is a six-week program specifically designed to increase your drive distance, reduce your handicap and get you in the BEST shape of your life.

Here’s just some of what this program will do for you:

-Identifies the top reasons why you are not improving and tells you exactly what to do about it …

-Provides you with special nutrition and energy management tips that will leave you feeling more alive and excited about golf (and life) …

-Teaches you the “Power Principles” and shows you exactly how to quickly get results using these proven methods …

-Reveals a progressive and precise golf exercise plan that will have you feeling passion and intensity for exercise unlike anything you’ve ever felt before …

-Introduces the bets stretches for seniors that improves flexibility instantly and allows you to swing all the way through (with no body limitations)

-Provides you with a no-nonsense plan that gets even the most advanced fitness enthusiasts to a level they have only dreamed of in no time …

-Helps you see immediate improvement in your game by showing you exactly which stretches and exercises are best for YOU …
-hows you how to have more energy, feel more productive, more fit, and have less stress than you’ve ever had before …

-Reveals the real meaning of the term metabolism, and how to change yours so that you are burning more calories per pound of body weight and unit of exercise than you ever did before …

-Reveals the most effective way to exercise to reap the most benefits per minute or unit of effort… not all exercise is the same, regardless of the published calorie burn-rate associated with it!

-And much, much more!

Programs written and designed by Susan Hill, professional golf fitness trainer.
Functional Golf Fitness Training
By Bob Forman

Released: 2013-11-17
Kindle Edition (134 pages)

Functional Golf Fitness Training
Product Description:
Golfers want to play better golf. That’s evident by the fact that billions of dollars are spent each year on golf clubs, golf balls, teaching aids, and lessons. All vital to the game, but what most golfers don’t realize is that it’s not these external factors that are holding them back from playing better golf, it’s their own bodies. This applies to all levels of golfers, no matter their age or gender.

Anatomical deficiencies in the form of tight muscles, weak muscles, and muscle imbalance detract from the golfer’s ability to swing an efficient golf club. This often results in poor swing mechanics, inconsistent ball contact, a loss of distance, and a deterioration of playing performance and satisfaction. These same deficiencies can also increase the potential for those nagging aches and pains so many golfers experience, limiting their playing time or even forcing them to give up the game entirely.

Functional Golf Fitness Training will introduce you to the physicality of the game of golf. It will highlight the common anatomical deficiencies that most golfers have, correlate those weaknesses to the golf swing and injury risk, and offer simple self-assessments to help you determine where you might be deficient. Additionally, Functional Golf Fitness Training offers over 40 corrective exercises and drills to help you better your body to better your game.

Playing better, healthier golf is a much desired goal, but requires an internal look at the mechanism that’s swinging the golf club. That’s you, the golfer. Functional Golf Fitness Training is your guide to reaching that goal.

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